Doubt (2008) / John Patrick Shanley

Doubt (2008) / John Patrick Shanley

“Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty. When you are lost, you are not alone.”

這是一個關於信念的故事。堅守道德的修女(Meryl Streep飾)與充滿魅力的神父(Philip Seymour Hoffman飾)在教育理念上背道而馳,二人的分歧更因一名黑人學生而加深。修女認定神父侵犯了黑人學生,欲藉此事逐他離開學校,神父矢口否認,更揚言會不惜一切與她對抗。但隨著事情發展下去,修女在明查暗訪下得知黑人學生的性傾向,神父在修女的迫供下,由最初的強烈否認慢慢轉為 懊悔,但只為過去犯的錯求恕。全片始終沒有正面揭開真相,真相欲蓋彌彰。儘管過去曾犯錯,但神父這次有否犯同樣錯誤?最後結局是,如修女所願,神父離開學校。在一切回復平靜之後,全片結束之前,修女突然崩潰,說了一句:”I have doubts. I have such doubts.” 結局如此耐人尋味。

全片貫徹「Doubt」這個主題,修女與神父唇槍舌劍,在校長室內對峙的那段戲非常intense,除了看二人淋漓盡致的演技,還有戲的細節(如神父進入校長室時不由分說地坐在修女的位子上,修女特意拉開百葉簾以猛烈的陽光照向神父作為反擊),表現出二人的權力鬥爭。而飾演黑人學生的母親那段亦是我喜歡的一段戲,黑人母親在修女面前好不容易說出兒子的性傾向,但作為母親,尤其置身於保守的年代,”I’ll be standing with my son and those who are good with my son. “道出了其愛子深切的一面,接受就是愛的表現之一。


Father Brendan Flynn: A woman was gossiping with her friend about a man they hardly knew; I know none of you have ever done this. That night, she had a dream. A great hand appeared over her, and pointed down on her. She was immediately seized with a overwhelming sense of guilt. The next day, she went to confession. She got the old perish priest, Father Arrorick, and she told him the whole thing. “Is gossiping a sin?” She asked the old man. “Was that God All Mighty’s hand pointing down at me? Should I ask for your absolution, father? Have I dont something wrong?” “Yes.” Father Arrorick answered her. “Yes, you ignorant, badly brought up female. You have blamed false witness on your neighbor. You played fast and loose with his reputation, and you should be heartily ashamed.” So the woman said she was sorry, and asked for forgiveness. “Not so fast.” says Arrorick. “I want you to go home, take a pillow upon your roof, cut it open with a knife, and return here to me.” So the woman went home, took a pillow off her bed, a knife from the drawer, went up the fire escape to her roof, and stabbed the pillow.” Then she went back to the old perish priest as instructed. “Did you cut the pillow with a knife?” He says. “Yes, father.” “And what were the results?” “Feathers.” she said. “Feathers?” he repeated. “Feathers, everywhere, father.” “Now I want you to go back, and gather up every last feather the flew out on the wind.” “Well,” she said, “It can’t be done. I don’t know where they went. The wind took them all over.” “And that,” said Father Arrorick, “is gossip.”

流言蜚語,如四處散落的羽毛,說出口便難易收回。忽然想到王安憶在《長恨歌》裡曾寫過關於流言的篇章(可按此看王安憶《長恨歌》在線閱讀)。流言被描繪成影像,有聲音,有氣味,既浪漫又卑劣。有時為了與旁人維繫關係而不免說了很多是非,所以關於”Is gossip a sin?”的問題,我認為只要那些話不傷害別人的名聲,也不算是罪惡。當然,流言讓人嘴嚵,少說為妙。



  1. Strongly recommend The Class.
    I’ve watched it twice. =)

    And i’m going to watch Milk, Changeling and Slumdog Millionaire. Oh, and HKIFF is coming! Super excited! ^^

  2. these 3 films seem a MUST see film.

    yup “the Class” is good one!!! go go go to see la~~~~~~

    HKIFF, still have one week to see what films will show~~~ can’t wait anymore~~~

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