Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road (2008) / Sam Mendes

Revolutionary Road (2008) / Sam Mendes

婚姻是二人的結合,是雙方對幸福承諾,但隨歲月流逝,熱情會否逐漸消退,年輕時彼此有過的夢想最後會否被生活侵蝕?二人步伐不一致,夢想頓變成包袱,愛頓變成折磨,最後只有兩敗俱傷。我們也曾經不甘平凡,高談理想,但最後卻發現,”We’re just like everyone else. We’ve bought into the same, ridiculous delusion.”

儘管Frank Wheeler(Leonardo DiCaprio飾)日復日面對他不喜歡的工作,但依然為生活忙碌(或者說是向現實低頭),沒有逃避,”I have the backbone not to run away from my responsibilities!”,但我卻傾向April Wheeler(Kate Winslet飾)的說法:”It takes backbone to lead the life you want.” 勇氣,你到底有沒有勇氣放棄目前一切,追求另一種你夢想的生活?


主角的演繹固然不錯,把夫妻關係的暗湧表露出來,但男配角也很搶鏡,地產經紀那精神病患的兒子John Givings,人瘋語不瘋,說話一針見血,道出了Wheeler家的悲哀。”Hopeless emptiness. Now you’ve said it. Plenty of people are onto the emptiness, but it takes real guts to see the hopelessness.” 我們常感到生活的空虛,但絕望呢,你感受到嗎?

我還不想對生活失去信心,因為我還未開始尋夢。縱使別人笑說尋夢的不設實際,但既然“It takes backbone to lead the life you want.” ,那又怕甚麼不設實際?如果安分守己等同於正常,我寧可當一次瘋子。April說。

以謝安琪的〈節外生枝〉作結吧:「捨平凡 愛動盪 誰人其實滿意現狀」。但願大家生活安好,leading the life you want。



  1. I’ve watched it yesterday.
    It’s normal for me to go to the cinema alone but yesterday was definitely something, esp. with this film. Not losing faith with having relationship but instead, finding a path that can make me know myself better.
    And i also agree with you about the dream. I’ve posted a note on facebook about being the real me and being a better person.
    Oh gosh, i find we’ve so many things in common which makes me want to know you much more.
    Again, it’s really a pleasure to know you. =)

  2. me too. thanks for supporting me by giving me feedbacks. i’d never thought ppl would leave any comment after reading haha.

    we do share something in common? in what ways? i wanna know more too. stay tune! :)

  3. Sure you get viewers of your blog.
    I’ve a blog before but i closed it because of some reasons. Now i start to write on real paper with my real pen. Love writing. =P

    I will write you a note privately about our things in common. Just wait and see. =)

  4. writing is great, but some response is also great great great!!
    coz though those pose and reply, you may know you are not the only one have those ideas, or wow~~~ you may discover another way of thinking.

    “never thought ppl would leave any comment after reading haha.”
    oh,.. really? i always work hard on replies. ha ha… even though some films/shows/books i never saw, only need some words or lines move or inspire me, then see my words. ^^

    emptiness, some times would appear in our lives, the key point is do have the gut to look at it, admit it, then fill sth new in it too.

    anyway, hope everyone find the way to walk.

  5. thanks for reading and your support! :D
    reading comments is nice as i can know how people think about what i write and writing is actually a self-reflection. it’s always nice to exchange ideas with like-mind people.

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