Month: January 2010

C’est la vie.


Life can be so fragile that it slips away when you are not aware. It can be so dramatic that, one day you see he/she is alive, and the next day he/she is gone. I inevitably immersed myself in the feeling of helplessness when in face of a dying patient. Last night I was there at the hospital, fortunate enough to see her last face, to send her my blessings, to sit there quietly praying for her. She’s free now, no more suffering.

R.I.P. Janie.



lights in/out

2010.1.23 伙炭藝術工作室展覽計劃2010


where is missDa?

親愛的伙炭團團友 (哎呀!唔見左missDa既?)